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Often, photography is hailed as a vanguard for activism and expressionism. Sweeping landscapes and profound, melancholic portraits of people in magazines and journals like National Geographic, the NYTimes, capture our attention with the piercing human gaze. There’s something apologetic and steadfast that holds us, a simple insertion of existence that does not need to yield. How rare is it that one is on the direct receiving end of such a portrait? How rare is it that we are not separated by a magnitude of copies and reproductions printed with ink on cheap paper, or millions of pixels, and instead, find ourselves face to face with a photographic moment in the making? When you stare through that apparatus, warm with the recorded memories of a few minutes, into the deep gaze that contains human code of so many thoughts, emotions, and states of being, it is electrifying and profound. In those milliseconds before you hit the shutter, it gratifying and a privilege to witness the gaze of someone else: raw and without their masks.

As the photographer, you move between realms of real and unreal, between on-lookers and the sly smile that the subjects allow themselves before reverting to that stoic gaze,trying to remain unnoticed and invisible, fluid; to avoid influencing or stopping the electrifying atmosphere burgeoning with the overwhelming transactions of support and love. You notice their ticks, the way their hair lies, how they naturally stand, every little movement… and so, you gain the privilege of documenting their being for others to also experience. Sharing those moments, that charged atmosphere, and passing it along to you, and the others who see the reproductions.