Elizabeth Kostina

I'm an undergraduate student based out of Boston, MA, working at the intersection of media, technology, and human rights.



  • Globus Podcast, podcast on sustainable development efforts in the US, SDSN Youth USA, 2021
  • Window Cabaret, photo essay, 2021
  • Hairlines, installation, PEA, 2020
  • Unity in Color photoshoot, PEA, 2020
  • Public talk: corbusier, computers, and consciousness, Tuned: The City We Have in Mind, 2021.
  • Theatrical Monologues
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  • All writing
  • Jouska, a new multimedia publication on the experience of space, The CCD, 2021
  • Interview with Richard Florida: Inclusive Cities Interview Series, UNA-USA, 2021
  • Medina Apartment, Strelka Mag and Archdaily, 2021
  • Yanhai Hotel in Xiamen is at one with its inspiration—the sea, DesignWanted, 2021

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